America’s Promotional Product Super Source.

Promotional Product Direct is America’s Promotional Product Super Source. New York office

The IGNITE offices of Promotional Product Direct is the place for America’s business to business marketers to find their next marketing giveaways, trade show swag and promotional products.

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We specialize is sourcing, logoing and the seamless delivery direct of factory-direct, unique, creative and highly desirable promotional products for your business, marketing or event logo.

We Think Differently, We Do Differently!

We think differently. We believe that today’s savvy marketer wants to deal direct with the source factory that actually makes their promotional products. This makes perfect sense.

It reduces the number of middlemen and their costs, plus it opens ups your marketing options to a much wider selection of creative and unique ideas to use in your B2b marketing plan.

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We do differently. We work with the client and explore what their business is about and then try and suggest or match ideas that if used as a promotional product, will reflect your brand identity.

Once we identify what promotional product will work best for client we then find it from one of our over 150 source factory’s that manufacture over 10,000 products. We look after the order every step along the way, from the design, logo, delivery and paperwork and import for your promotional product.

Why we do and think differently.

Simply put, We are less interested in making a “single mediocre sale” and more interested in helping small to mid sized businesses become successful effective b2b marketers. If you’re business marketing is a success, then so will our business be successful. Simple.

Email for information or call 856-556-5655

Who Is Promotional Product Direct?

“We have 14 regional sales office throughout North America ready to help you out.”

Connect with our expert promotional product sales experts. To visit the sales office nearest you simply click on your closest region.

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We work with over 150 different promotional product factories from 12 different countries that produce over 10,000 different promotional products.